2005-06 Season 4

Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde

by Moisés Kaufman
Directed by Jeremy Skidmore

August 2005

In three short months, Oscar Wilde, the most celebrated playwright and wit of Victorian England, was toppled from the apex of British society into humiliation and ruin. Drawing from trial documents, newspaper accounts, and writings of the key players, Moises Kaufman ignites an incendiary mix of sex and censorship, with a cast of characters ranging from George Bernard Shaw to Queen Victoria herself.


Oscar Wilde  Cooper D’Ambrose
Moises Kauffman/ Share/ Narrator #5  Kevin Boggs
Carsen/ Victoria/ 2nd Trial Judge  Chance Carroll
Clarke/ Narrator #6  Chris Davenport
Charles Parker/ Frank Harris/ Narrator #3  Jason Lott
Sidney Marvor/ 1st Trial Judge/ Willie/ Narrator #4  Eric Messner
Queensberry/ Gill/ Narrator #8  Scott McCormick
Alfred Douglass/ Narrator #7  Andrew Pasides
Fred Atkins/ Lockwood/ Wright/ Narrator #2  Alexander Strain
Wood/ Sahw/ 3rd Trial Judge/ Narrator #1  Grady Weatherford
Taylor/ Share/ Narrator #5  Dan Via Marvin

Production Team

Director  Jeremy Skidmore
Assistant Director  Colin Hovde
Stage Manager  Brooke Marshal
Technical Director  Tim Getman
Dialect Coach  Jennifer Mendenhall
Scenic Designer  Jacob Muehlhausen
Lighting Designer  Andrew Cissna
Costume Designer  Erin Nugent
Assistant Costume Designer  Anne McCormally
Sound Designer  Brian Richards
Properties Designer  Suzen Mason
Master Electrician  Sarah LaRue
Sound Board Operator  Hilary Trudell


What They Say

“Skidmore’s concept makes the proceedings all the more compelling. He and the set designer, Jacob Muehlhausen, transform the Playhouse space into an arena. On all four sides the audience sits, two rows deep: We’re members of the jury. All the court’s a stage, it seems, and all the litigants merely players.”

The Washington Post

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