Socially Conscious, Thought-Provoking Theater for the Washington D.C. Area

A catalyst for innovation and diversity, Theater Alliance produces thought-provoking and socially pertinent work, successfully uniting audiences of all backgrounds through the power of creative presentation and participation.

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Lovely Whispers

What They Say

…their mission is bigger than putting on a play, or selling tickets, or making someone famous. Their mission is about coming together, all of us, to share our experience of life. What could be more entertaining, and lively, and intelligent, than that?

Jennifer Mendenhall
Actor and Audiobook Narrator

This show was incredible! It was one of the most engaging and fully realized shows I have seen in a long time. All of the performers were completely captivating and so specific.  An all-around stunning show. We all loved it!

Raven Boniwell
Actor and Producer

Theater Alliance is a beautiful rarity among theaters: a team of artists who cares less about the bottom line, but rather puts its enormous talent and energy into crafting top-notch theater for DC audiences. They are well-loved, and for good reason.

Victor Lodato

The students and I want to thank you for our experience at Theater Alliance.  For 6 of the students it was the very first time they had the opportunity to see a live theater performance!  We were buzzing about the production for most of the ride back to Charlottesville.  Thank you for sharing so generously the gift of a powerful communal experience.

Theresa Davis
Associate Professor, Cross Cultural Performance - University of Virginia

Thank you for the tickets and the wonderful afternoon. But even more thanks for doing the work you are doing, for staking out a place for the stories you are telling, for filling that theatre and serving a community.

Brad Watkins
Audience Member


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