2005-06 Season 4

Two Rooms

by Lee Blessing
Directed by Shirley Serotsky

April 2006

The two rooms of the title are a windowless cubicle in Beirut where an American hostage is being held by Arab terrorists and a room in his home in the United States, which his wife has stripped of furniture so that, at least symbolically, she can share his ordeal. In fact the same room serves for both and is also the locale for imaginary conversations between the hostage and his wife, plus the setting for the real talks she has with a reporter and a State Department official.


Lainie  Kathleen Coons
Ellen  Kerri Rambow
Michael  David Johnson
Walker  Jason Stiles

Production Team

Director  Shirley Serotsky
Stage Manager  Jessie Gallogly
Production Manager  Taryn Colberg
Technical Director  Carlos Bustamante
Scenic Designer  Nicholas Vaughn
Lighting Designer  Dan Covey
Assistant Lighting Designer  Andrew Griffin
Costume Designer  Deb Sivigny
Composer  Jesse Terrill
Master Electrician  Laura Witkowski


What They Say

“Jason Stiles cranks up the show’s momentum as a reporter who becomes Lainie’s ally. And Rambow’s supercilious State Department envoy, Ellen — dressed in a no-nonsense gray suit and orange scarf — drives home the idea of government callousness.”

The Washington Post

“Two Rooms is not a story about war, it is a story about love,” director Shirley Serotsky says. “Love of people. Love of religion. Love of nation. Love of land. Love of ideology.” She has it right; in this play, people go to war for the things they love.”

DC Theatre Scene

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