2005-06 Season 4

The Monument

by Colleen Wagner
Directed by John Vreeke

May 2006

A young soldier is convicted of war crimes. Stetko is the boy next door who comes from respectable parents and has gotten caught up in the political events of a war he never understood. Like the good son, the good soldier, he obeys his superiors only to find that, at the conclusion of war, he has become the scapegoat for crimes “everyone was doing.” He is “rescued” by a woman from the enemy side. The Monument examines the paradox of a soldier today, and the ambiguities of morality and justice.


Merja  Jennifer Mendenhall
Stenko  Alexander Strain

Production Team

Director  John Vreeke
Stage Manager  Laura Smith
Technical Director  Carlos Bustamante
Scenic Designer  Nicholas Vaughn
Lighting Designer  Dan Covey
Assistant Lighting Designer  Andrew Griffin
Costume Designer  Deb Sivigny
Sound Designer  Ryan Rumery
Body Parts Designer  Beth Baldwin


What They Say

“Although it walks down some obvious paths, “The Monument” is a dream assignment for good actors, and Theater Alliance, aptly enough, has fielded its own dream team. Mendenhall is fiercely watchable as a marginalized woman suddenly dealt an upper hand, and Strain, a gifted young actor, imbues Stetko with all repulsive cowardliness the role demands.”

The Washington Post

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