A Note for the End of the Year

Dear friend of Theater Alliance,

Theater offers us something vital. It is a place where community is created through story and relationship; it is time shared away from a glowing screen. Our unique medium helps us understand the complex and challenging world we live in — because, let’s face it, this last year has made the world a lot more complex and challenging.

For the staff, board, and artists of Theater Alliance, creating theatre and sharing it with our audiences is a leap into the unknown. And with it comes the surprising and unexpected experiences that allow us to redefine and better understand our community. Theater is the way cultures the world over have interrogated and grappled with the challenges of their time. And we are doing that now.


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You see, when I say “community,” I don’t just mean the geographic area near the playhouse. Community is  a dynamic, complicated, living thing — one that we seek to celebrate, challenge, and explore through the shows we produce. We redefine what community means every time we hold a post-show conversation . . . when a woman from historic Anacostia engages in meaningful dialogue with a patron from Capitol Hill, or a student from American University, or an actor from the play. The act of experiencing live theater together and sharing our own stories is sometimes all it takes to learn from each other . . . and forge a community inclusive of everyone.

I hope, when you see our upcoming production of The Raid, you have the chance to experience this firsthand. The show is an innovative play that examines the difference between being an ally and an accomplice, the implications of race in social protest, and the limits of radicalism in the age of #Resistance. I hope that it moves you, makes you think, and inspires you to stick around after the show to talk with me, the artists, and one another.

On behalf of the Theater Alliance staff, board, and artists I wish you and your family a joyous season.

See you at the playhouse,

P.S. In theater, we are accustomed to making a little go a long way. It is through the generosity of friends like you — and gifts of all sizes — that our work is possible. Thank you.

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