Our 16th season tackles pressing issues of this American moment with stories that drive us to action. David Grieg’s play The Events grapples with a mass shooting survivor’s attempts to understand that terrible event and events that led up to it. Dominique Morriseau’s Blood at the Root explores the deep violence that often accompanies any challenge to institutionalized racism, sexism, or sexuality. And the season’s final production – Klytmnestra: An Epic Slam Poemis a world premiere by Dane Figueroa Edidi that remixes classical Greek drama with Yoruba rituals and contemporary forms to illustrate how patriarchal systems have long exploited Black women. 

In association with Anacostia Playhouse, we are also co-producing a new devised work by Washington DC artist Holly Bass. The Trans-Atlantic Time Traveling Company tells the story of three Black women journeying through the Reconstruction-era South under the guise of a traveling medicine show.

These essential conversations will gain further exploration through our annual Word Becomes Action Festival and Hothouse Play Development Series.


Special Event

The Trans-Atlantic Time Traveling Company

by Holly Bass

In collaboration with The Anacostia Playhouse

July 25 – 29, 2018

Three freedwomen travel through the American south in the 1860s with a medicine show, but unlike other snake oil salesmen of the day, these mysterious women give away their healing potions in an attempt to cure a dangerous disease that threatens to destroy future generations. A devised work of dance theater, The Trans-Atlantic Time Traveling Company combines vaudeville, sampling culture and time travel to engage the audience in a conversation about what it means to be free and ways we can move towards an equitable and just society.

Word Becomes Action Festival: Flipping the Script

August 30 – Sept 9, 2018

Building on the success of festivals in previous seasons and thanks to the generous support of The Revada Foundation and DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Theater Alliance kicks off its formal program in Season 16 with works that explore themes from upcoming productions. Word Becomes Action: Flipping the Script brings together performances, readings, and workshops to illuminate divergent perspectives on reproductive rights, gun ownership, intersectionality, and more.

The Events
by David Greig

Sept 13 – Oct 7, 2018

Directed by Colin Hovde

Featuring Regina Aquino and Josh Adams

In the wake of a mass shooting, lone survivor Claire yearns to find the compassion, understanding, and peace she needs to overcome her trauma—but thoughts and visions of the shooter haunt her every step. A timely exploration of violence, obsession, and our desire to fathom the unfathomable, The Events excavates the humanity found even in circumstances of extraordinary evil, examining the actors on both sides of an unimaginable tragedy.

Blood at the Root
by Dominique Morisseau

Feb 27 – March 24, 2019

Directed by Raymond O. Caldwell

When a black student disrupts the status quo at her high school by occupying space typically reserved for white students, her community erupts in hate speech, violence, and chaos. Inspired by the Jena Six case, which roiled tensions in Louisiana in 2006, Morisseau’s play scrutinizes the intrinsic links between justice, bias, and identity. Moving, lyrical, and bold, Blood at the Root probes the complexities of race, individual freedoms, and what justice means when biases have been normalized.   

Klytmnestra: An Epic Slam Poem
Written and Performed by Dane Figueroa Edidi

May 19 – June 16, 2019

Directed by Danielle Drakes

A priestess enters a cemetery suffused with the shades and apparitions of black culture. Yet she conjures the spirits of a different sort—Orestes, Iphigenia, and Klytmnestra. This dynamic one-woman slam poem is a saga of strong women, the men who seek to destroy them, and the dangerous extremes this kind of society can reach if left unchecked. Fusing Kabuki, African dance, and Greek myth, Klytmnestra: An Epic Slam Poem is a dynamic retelling of the classic tale written to vindicate a mother slain by her own son’s hand.

Hothouse New Play Development Series

Our commitment to new plays continues through the Hothouse – which gives local playwrights a chance to respond to the season with short works, and fosters the growth and development of new plays over longer periods of time. Currently, we are working with artists including Psalmayene 24 (director of Word Becomes Flesh) on new full-length plays, with production potential in future seasons.  

Hothouse: Short Plays, Big Conversations

New 10-minute plays by DC-area playwrights, inspired by, and in conversation with, our main-stage productions: The Events, Blood at the Root, and Klytmnestra.

Readings will take place on the following dates:
Sunday – September 30, 2018, 7:00pm
Sunday – March 17, 2019, 7:00pm
Sunday – June 9, 2019, 7:00pm

Hothouse: Full-Length Plays, Full Throttle Development

Thanks to the generous support of The Revada Foundation, Theater Alliance is taking an active role in fostering the DC region as a hotbed for new plays from varied voices and perspectives. Over the course of Season 16, we will be working on several full-length plays that will receive public readings at dates to be announced.

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