2002-03 Season 1

Thief River

by Lee Blessing
Directed by Stephen Carpenter

May 2003

It’s 1948. The war is over. Morality, family and sense of duty create the true north of daily life. But in a small Minnesota farming community, two young boys, Gil and Ray, have fallen in love. One chooses to pursue that love, the other chooses to turn away. In Thief River, Lee Blessing, one of America’s most prolific and widely-produced playwrights, explores what happens during a lifetime when duty is chosen over love and appearances are lived instead of truth.


Tim Carlin
John Dow
John Feist
Jeremy Skidmore
R. Scott Williams
Peter Wylie

Production Team

Director  Steven Carpenter
Assistant Director  Patrick Torres
Fight Choreographer  Diane Cooper-Gould
Stage Manager  T.J. Keiter
Scenic Designer  Jeremy Skidmore
Lighting Designer  Peter Joyce
Costume Designer  Kate Turner-Walker
Sound Designer  Ryan Rumery

2004 Helen Hayes Awards


  • Direction
  • Sound Design

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