2009-10 Season 7

The Woman Who Amuses Herself

by Victor Lodato
Directed by Kasi Campbell

May 2009

One day in 1911, Vincenzo Peruggia, a worker at the Louvre, walked out of the museum with the Mona Lisa hidden under his coat. An Italian patriot who believed La Gioconda should be returned to her native Italy, Peruggia then spent two years in his Paris apartment with the mysteriously smiling woman as his muse. Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece has attracted, inspired, and perplexed millions of admirers across generations and continents. What makes the Mona Lisa so special? Meet Vincenzo and those he encounters through his passionate “crime of the art.”


Vincenzo Perugia  Nigel Reed

Production Team

Director  Kasi Campbell
Production Manager  Mark Anduss
Dialect/ Vocal Coach  Nancy Krebs
Set Designer  Klyph Stanford
Lighting Designer  Klyph Stanford
Costume Designer  Heather Lockard
Sound Designer | Composition  Matt Otto
Projections Designer  Mark Anduss


What They Say

“It’s fun to watch Reed play a frustrated schoolmarm trying to give her students an inkling of the painting’s enigmatic majesty, but the fact that we’ve all shown up is evidence enough of its generational reach.”

Washington City Paper

“Lodato’s script waxes on about patriotism (why should the French have this Italian masterpiece?) and a slightly bizarre sense of art appreciation.”

The Washington Post

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