2012-13 Season 10

The Night Before Christmas

by Anthony Neilson
Directed by Hannah Todd

Nov 23 - Dec 29, 2012

When everyone else is dreaming of sugarplums and holiday magic, Gary and Simon are thinking about calling the police. They’ve just caught an “elf” sneaking into their warehouse on Christmas Eve, claiming to be part of an “International Gift Distribution Agency.” When Cherry, mom on a mission, shows up, the three start to wonder if this elf is on something other than Holiday Spirit.

Neilson puts everything you’ve every loved about Christmas on the naughty list in this bawdy holiday comedy.


Simon  Dylan Myers
Gary  Nathaniel Mendez
Elf  Jared Mason Murray
Cherry  Raven Bonniwell

Production Team

Director  Hannah Todd
Assistant Director  Melissa Englander
Scenic Designer  Brooke A Robbins
Lighting Designer  Kyle Grant
Costume Designer  Marcus Darnley
Sound Designer  Marcus Darnley
Properties Designer  Kyle Grant


What They Say

“As the two blokes, Nathaniel Mendez and Dylan Morrison Myers are quite good in their working class accents and banter. Myers particularly has a kind of Johnny Rotten-style wild-eyed outrage that propels his character; his reactions make a point even when he doesn’t even have a line.”

MD Theatre Guide

“A great performance will leave an audience ignorant of any one individuals mark. A provocative production will leave the onlookers moved by the story as a seamless experience. And The Night Before Christmas is one well-oiled machine. Hannah Todd’s direction is as satisfying as my Mothers Christmas cookies.”

DC Metro Theater Arts

“Mendez infuses Gary with an endearing jittery doltishness, while Murray plays panicked straight man — er, straight elf — and Bonniwell vamps brashly as Cherry.”

The Washington Post

“On the plus side, the performers are mostly able. Myers is especially good as the hate-filled crank Simon, physically spewing his lines with a Johnny Rotten snarl. Mendez plays Gary with a lovable doofus charm, while allowing the audience in to see layers to the character.”

DC Theatre Scene

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