2002-03 Season 1

The Gospel of John

Directed by Scott Cowart

November 2002

Brad Sherrill has been one of Atlanta’s most versatile performers spending much of his time conquering dozens of Shakespeare’s most celebrated roles. But this year has seen him take his talent to another level. While spending four months in Africa as part of a humanitarian effort called Rivers of the World, Brad decided to put his twenty years of performing Shakespeare to the test. He began memorizing the entire Gospel of John word for word with the intent to bring it to life on the stage. The result is a fluid and theatrical inhabitation of characters from John the Baptist to the woman at the well to Lazarus being raised from the dead. After enjoying a run at the Georgia Shakespeare Festival the Theater Alliance is mounting a full sixteen performance run for audiences here in Washington. Brad’s performance has already won awards for Best Actor given by Atlanta Magazine and Best Actor given by Creative Loafing. The latter printed that “The Gospel of John is a rich, fully dimensioned exploration of the New Testament text that you can appreciate no matter what faith you happen to have.”


Brad Sherrill

Production Team

Director & Stage Manager  Scott Cowart
Producer  Jeremy Skidmore
Lighting Designer  Darryl Moran
Sound Designer  Mark Hickman


What They Say

“-memorizing more than 20,000 words from the bible- has evolved into an opportunity for Sherrill to combine his faith and his craft in an unexpected way.”

The Washington Post

“When Sherrill Speaks to us as John we are the first-generation of Christians, receiving reassurance that we have followed the right path.”

Washington Citypaper

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