2018-19 Season 16

The Events

by David Greig
Directed by Colin Hovde

Sept 13 – Oct 7, 2018

In the wake of a mass shooting, lone survivor Claire yearns to find the compassion, understanding, and peace she needs to overcome her trauma—but thoughts and visions of the shooter haunt her every step. A timely exploration of violence, obsession, and our desire to fathom the unfathomable, The Events excavates the humanity found even in circumstances of extraordinary evil, examining the actors on both sides of an unimaginable tragedy.


Claire  Regina Aquino
The Boy  Josh Adams

Choir/Ensemble  Moses Bossenbroek
Choir/Ensemble Tess Higgins
Choir/Ensemble  Drew Frederick Holcombe
Choir/Ensemble  Rachel Hynes
Choir/Ensemble  Karen Lange
Choir/Ensemble  Lee Liebeskind
Choir/Ensemble  Jane Petkofsky
Choir/Ensemble  Sisi Reid
Choir/Ensemble  Alex Turner

Production Team

Director  Colin Hovde
Associate Director/Movement  Robyn Rikoon
Music Director  Marty Austin Lamar
Assistant Director Allyson Boate
Movement  Rachel Hynes
Lighting Designer William K. D’Eugenio
Scenic Designer  Giorgos Tsappas
Sound Designer  Thomas Sowers
Costume Designer  Heather Lockard
Props Designer  Sarah Conte
Technical Director Chris Foote
Master Electrician  Elliott Shugoll
Scenic Artist  Amy Kellett
Stage Manager  Lauren Pekel
Assistant Stage Manager  Taylor Kidd
Creative Captioning  Katrina Clark


What They Say

“The result is a spellbinding theatrical experience that stays in the heart and mind like a saving revelation…as the play takes place on stage it happens in each audience member’s own heart and mind. And it is there, as Claire shows us, where the healing release many seek can be found.”

DC Metro Theater Arts

“This attention to detail is the mark of a fine director. This is Hovde’s last year as Theater Alliance’s Artistic Director, and he has given us something with which to remember him.”

DC Theatre Scene

“Regina Aquino gives a ruthlessly transparent performance as the questing, suffering survivor.”

The Washington Post

2019 Helen Hayes Awards


  • Outstanding Lead Actress in a Play – Regina Aquino
  • Outstanding Lead Actor in a Play – Josh Adams


  • Outstanding Play
  • Director of a Play

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