2003-04 Season 2

The Dispute

by Marivaux
Translated by Niel Bartlet
Directed by Jeremy Skidmore

November 2003

In adjacent apartments, three ambitious neighbors come together to discuss, flirt, argue, share their dreams, all the while pushing the limits of their friendship and demonstrating that language can be both an instrument of intimacy and a weapon of defense. By exploring these questing lives in language that alternates between exhilarating structural inventiveness, loony comedy, and poignant self-analysis, Melissa James Gibson has created a unique play that is as witty and wise as it is stylistically groundbreaking and unexpected.


Brian Sutherin
Daniel Burkholder
Chuck Young
Kathleen Coons
Debbie Arseneaux
Denise J. Hart
Andrew Price
Joshua Skidmore
Jennifer Phillips
Linda Norton
Lindsay Allen
Maggie Marlin
Peter Joyce

Production Team

Director  Jeremy Skidmore
Assistant Director  Bridget O’Leary
Choreographer  Kelly Parsley
Stage Manager  Debbi Arseneaux
Scenic Designer  Jeremy Skidmore
Lighting Designer  Peter Joyce
Costume Designer  Linda Norton
Sound Designer  Peter Finnegan


What They Say

“For his sweet if slight production for Theater Alliance, director Jeremy Skidmore turns the black box space at H Street Playhouse into a somewhat gymnastic Romper Room…”

The Washington Post

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