2009-10 Season 7

The Bread of Winter

by Victor Lodato
Directed by Dorothy Neumann

April 2009

Under a sunless, frozen sky, a middle-aged schizophrenic calls her dyspeptic mother from a pay phone a block from the mother’s home. In a bedroom in a comfortable home, father is dead, mother is absent, and a blackhearted young man is planning to do unspeakable things to his little brother. Along the stygian river that runs through town, a massive roughhewn dockworker cries out for the love he cannot find and couldn’t handle if he did find it.


Libby  Amy McWilliams
Gert  Rosemary Regan
Richard  Ben Kingsland
Gregory  William Beech
Jack  Richard Pelzman

Production Team

Director  Dorothy Neumann
Stage Manager  Juely Siegel
Fight Coreographer  Jim Zidar
Scenic Designer  Klyph Sanford
Lighting Designer  Klyph Sanford
Costume Designer  Tessa Grippaudo
Sound Designer  Veronika Vorel
Properties Designer  Liz Johnson


What They Say

“The chemistry between McWilliams and Beech is impossible to deny…”

Washington City Paper

“Neumann’s production appropriately leaves the specifics of Lodato’s dystopia to the characters’ words and the audiences’ imaginations…”

The Washington Post

“The superb cast fills this production with dramatic electricity. Libby, even when she is not afflicted with her hallucinations, is a simple soul who is easily defeated by life.”

DC Theatre Scene

2010 Helen Hayes Awards


  • Charles McArthur Award for New Play or Musical

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