2020-21 Season 18

The Blackest Battle

by Psalmayene 24, featuring music by nick tha 1da
Directed by Raymond O. Caldwell

July 31 - August 29, 2021

It’s the Fourth of July in the not too distant future. Reparations have been paid to the African-Americans of Chief County—yet Black on Black violence rains down like a fiery storm. In this revolutionary hip-hop musical, Bliss and Dream, members of warring rap factions, fall in love while wrestling with making sense of their turbulent lives. Written by acclaimed DC theatre artist Psalmayene 24 and brought to life by an innovative team of illustrators and performers, our digital production of The Blackest Battle fuses the known and the new for an entirely original spin on urban conflict.


RINGMASTER Kelsey Delemar
BLISS Gary Perkins
SGT. PEPPER Bayou Elom
TY Emmanuel Kyei-Baffour
DO OR DIE Louis Davis
DREAM Imani Branch
BONITA Jade Jones

Production Team

Director  Raymond O. Caldwell
Digital Producer Kelly Colburn
Art & Technical Director Jonathan Dahm Robertson
Assistant Director Sean-Maurice Lynch
Lighting Designer Dylan Uremovich
Sound Designer Matthew M. Nielson
Costume Designer Jeannette Christensen
Props Designer Amy Kellett
Choreography Tiffany Quinn
Visual FX Deja Collins
Visual FX Jeremy Bennett
Asst. Costume Designer Pablo Guillen
Graphic Art Wesley Clark, Camilla King, Maliah Stokes
Backgrounds Rodney “Buck” Herring
Production Assistant Genny Ceperley
Production Manager Rachel Walsh
Editing Kelly Colburn
VFX Supervision Dylan Uremovich
Animation Jeremy Bennett, Deja Collins, Dylan Uremovich
Visual FX Artists Kelly Colburn, Deja Collins, Jonathan Dahm Robertson, and Dylan Uremovich
Audio Post-Production Matthew M. Nielson


What They Say

As shown at Page to Stage, The Blackest Battle appears to have powerful potential as a work of dance, rap, and song to help unpack the horizontal violence that can erupt under a reign of racist hate.

DC Metro Theater Arts

This Hothouse New Play commission is possible thanks to the support of the National Endowment for the Arts, Revada Foundation, the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, and Holly Hassett. 

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