The Trans-Atlantic Time Traveling Company (2024)

Created by Holly Bass
Directed by Ezinne Elele
Choreographed by Jasmine Hearn
Associate Directed & Choreographed by Holly Bass
First Presented in Workshop by Theater Alliance in 2018

Feb. 28 - March 17, 2024

Three freedwomen travel through the American south in the 1860s with a medicine show, but unlike other snake oil salesmen of the day, these mysterious women give away their healing potions in an attempt to cure a dangerous disease that threatens to destroy future generations. A devised work of dance theater, The Trans-Atlantic Time Traveling Company combines vaudeville, sampling culture, dance, and time travel to engage the audience in a conversation about what it means to be free and ways we can move towards an equitable and just society.

Join us on Friday and Sunday performances for post-show Freedom Guides conversations!

Freedom Guides” will engage in post-show discussions with audience members who want to dive deeper into the themes of the play in an informal setting. Freedom Guides are available to speak one-on-one or with small groups, and can be found after the show in the theater and in the lobby. You can spot them wearing their Freedom Guide pin and carrying a journal.


Jemma | Amani Alexander 
Ruth | Cynthia Davis
Margaret | Sisi Reid


Production Team

Director Ezinne Elele
Choreographer Jasmine Hearn
Associate Director & Choreographer Holly Bass
Scenic Design Gisela Estrada
Sound Design Madeline Oslejsek
Lighting Design Michele Onwochei
Costume Design Cidney Forkpah
Props Design Amy Kellett
Projections Design Jeremy Bennett
Dramaturg Otis Ramsey-Zöe
Stage Manager Alyssa Hill
Assistant Stage Manager Christina Marie McCann
Production Manager Dominique Douglas Hendricks


What They Say

"Bass taps into the human experience with sordid glee."

DC Theatre Scene

"The Trans-Atlantic Time Traveling Company is about a sisterhood of three women who time-travel from the present to the 1860s when they become freedwomen, in quest of what it means to be free. Bass’s long commitment to social justice emanates with a passion for challenging staid ideas—artistic and otherwise—onstage."

DC Theater Arts

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