2003-04 Season 2

Painted Alice

by William Donnelly
Directed by Jeremy Skidmore

August 2003

Painted Alice follows a painter struggling to complete a commissioned work. Her lack of inspiration begins to beg the question of what it means to be an artist: to create or to be paid to create? In an attempt to answer that question, the story takes a surprising turn landing Alice in a dark wonderland where life, art and a great many other curious things collide. Employing Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland as a springboard, William Donnelly explores the creative process and the effect it can have on the dueling passions of love and work.


Alice  Kathleen Coons
Parker/ Vermiller/ Fin’s Wife/ Hattie/ Grace  Rena Cherry Brown
Dinah/ Lori/ Carol/ Sucre/ Hansen  Diane Cooper-Gould
Artist/ Guard/ Narrator/ Griffin/ Fin/ Sugar  Jason Lott
Fury/ Prattolini/ Sheldon/ mode/ Caddy  Mando Alvarado

Production Team

Director  Jeremy Skidmore
Assistant Director  Christopher Gallu
Stage Manager  Roy A. Gross Jr.
Technical Director  Darryl Moran
Scenic Designer  Tony Cisek
Lighting Designer  Dan Covey
Costume Designer  Kate Turner-Walker
Sound & Original Music Composer  Mark K. Anduss
Properties Desinger  Vincent Rossi
Master Electrician  Mike Daniels
Sound Board Operator  Shawn Helm
Running Crew  Sean Edwards


What They Say

““Painted Alice,” a charmer of a play by William Donnelly, starts like a modern melodrama, with artists and lovers on the rocks. And just as it threatens to become tedious, kaboom, Donnelly’s script and Theater Alliance’s inventive production, directed by Jeremy Skidmore, open up like a big, treat-filled pantry.”

The Washington Post

“What is truly the essence of this work of art are the spectacular performances from five actors — Mando Alvarado, Rena Cherry Brown, Kathleen Coons, Diane Cooper-Gould, and Jason Lott — who individually sparkle and collectively shine.”

Metro Weekly

“Mando Alvarado is variously hilarious playing everything from a crayon sketch of a bearded merman to a dull-witted artist who’s doing a 112-work series of paintings of a sore on his left thigh. Jason Lott is a hoot as a power-crazed hick doing museum-guard duty, a disillusioned back-to-basics sculptor who’s gotten exactly what he thought he wanted, and a shrilly self-confident painter whose voice could etch glass.”

Washington City Paper

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