2007-08 Season 6

Lazarus Syndrome

by Bruce Ward
Directed by Paul Douglas Michnewicz

August 2007

A story of family and the struggles that emerge when discussions that have been put off too long are finally had, the discussions that are conducted over and over again resurface and the silence that often maintains the peace is broken.


Stephen  Kevin Boggs
Jake  Bill Hamlin
Neil  Jim Jorgensen
Elliot  Michael Kramer

Production Team

Director  Paul Douglas Michnewicz
Stage Manager  Jenn Carlson
Production Manager  Nick John
Scenic Designer  Dan Conway
Lighting Designer  Dan Conway
Costume Designer  Deb Sivigny
Sound Designer  Mark K. Anduss
Properties Designer  Taryn Colberg
Scenic Painters  Luciana Stecconi
Carpenters  Carleen Troy & Jon Boags


What They Say

“He certainly chooses serious subjects for his seriocomic approach. This time the New York-based writer-actor has created a play about the bumpy transition back to “normal” from the expectation of imminent death among AIDS sufferers in the mid-1990s, when the multi-drug “cocktail” that has kept so many alive was introduced.”

The Washington Post

“While Ward is willing to occasionally bathe a scene in sentiment, Michnewicz’s tight direction of this excellent ensemble assures that we never wallow in it.”

DC Theatre Scene

“Kramer and Jorgensen bicker and fight like real brothers, with Jorgensen’s broad movements and mugging a perfect foil to Kramer’s exasperation. Each member of the cast brings the same truth to their performances that Ward gave to the page.”

Metro Weekly

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