2006-07 Season 5

Insurrection: Holding History

by Robert O'Hara
Directed by Timothy Douglas

March 2007

TJ is 189 years old and ready to go. But before he passes on he convinces his great-great grandson to take him back to Virginia one last time. But the further they drive, the further back in time they go landing them smack in the middle of Nat Turner’s slave-led revolution. Ideas about slavery, homosexuality and the value of family converge in this time-bending comic fantasia.


Ron  Frank Britton
Reporter/ Cop/ Clerk Husband/ Buck Naked/ Detective  Jeremy Brown
Clerk Son/ Izzie Mae  Maconnia Chesser
Octavia/ Katie Lynn  Jessica Frances Dukes
Mutha Gertha/ Clerk/ Wife/ Mistress Mo’tel  Aakhu Freeman
Hammet  Cleo House
T.J.  Cedric Mayes
Nat Turner/ Ova Seea/ Jones  Ken Yatta Rogers
Mutha Wit  Patricia Williams

Production Team

Director  Timothy Douglas
Assistant Director  Patrick Crowley
Stage Manager  Viv Woodland
Assistant Stage Manager  Rachel Miller
Rehearsal Assistant Stage Manager  Jessie Gallogly
Producer  Jeremy Skidmore
Technical Director  Carlos Bustamante
Scenic Designer  Tony Cisek
Lighting Designer  Dan Covey
Assistant Lighting Designer  Andrew Griffin
Costume Designer  Kate Turner-Walker
Assistant Costume Designers  Mio Hasegawa & Erin Sutton
Sound Designer  Vincent Oliveri
Assistant Sound Designer  Mathew Otto
Master Electrician  William Ley
Properties Designer  Adam Metallo
Scenic Painter  Luciana
Carpenters  Carleen Troy & Jon Boages


What They Say

“The script cuts through racial myths and stereotypes with laser sharp, in yo’face intensity and hellified language. A lot of it is uncomfortable, but in a good way.”

DC Theatre Scene

“Dukes is a welcome, reliably energetic presence on the D.C. stage, here she lends her devilish smile and priceless reactions to the roles of Ronnie’s sister Octavia and the slave Katie Lynn.”

DC List

2008 Helen Hayes Awards


  • Ensemble
  • Director

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