2006-07 Season 5

In On It

by Daniel MacIvor
Directed by Colin Hovde

April 2007

Meet the dynamic duo of This One and That One. They’re two lovers who might be angels, two angels who might be devils, two devils who might be anyone we know. As both men maneuver their way through three hilarious realities, they defy the laws of creation, destruction and all the moments in between.


This One  Jason Lott
That One  Jason Stiles

Production Team

Director  Colin Hovde
Stage Manager  Lisa Blythe
Lighting Designer  Andrew Cissna
Costume Designer  Erin Nugent
Sound Designer  Ryan Rumery
Master Electrician  Nick John
Properties Designer  Suzan Maloney


What They Say

“MacIvor’s crafty play samples both sides, exploring from a fundamentally dark center.”

The Washington Post

“Much of the lovers’ story is comic. They execute a dance to Leslie Gore’s execrable syrupbomb “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows” that is so bizarre, so sublimely awful that it would become a classic if anyone could watch it twice.”

DC Theatre Scene

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