2011-12 Season 9


by Nicholas Wardigo
Directed by Colin Hovde and Nathaniel Mendez

May 12 - Jun 2, 2012

Set in a world where there is a constant and pervasive hum that blocks out verbal communication, Van and Eva must discover how to re-connect after a stranger enters their world and breaks the status quo. They must find connection, communication and love in the face of a world that can not understand them. But at what cost?

“do u no wot the hum is?”


Stranger  Nathaniel Mendez
Van  John Reynolds
Eva  Kennen Sisco
Guard  Gregory Gallagher

Production Team

Director  Colin Hovde
Director  Nathaniel Mendez
Stage Manager  Tré Wheeler
Scenic Designer  Greg Gallager
Lighting Designer  Kyle Grant
Costume Designer  Heather Lockard
Assoc. Set & Projections Designer  Patrick Lord
Sound Designer  Brendon Vierra
Projections Designer  Robbie Hayes


What They Say

“…Hum has an undeniable dramatic power that builds over its 90-minute runtime, and it’s well worth seeing the play to experience its strengths for yourself. By the time you reach Hum’s  dreamlike, almost expressionistic ending, the play’s spell has fully been cast.”

DC Theatre Scene

“No one speaks through the first half of the play, but the production — co-directed by Colin Hovde, Theater Alliance’s artistic director, and Nathaniel Mendez, who plays the stranger — is one of the more immersive sensory experiences onstage now.”

The Washington Post

2013 Helen Hayes Awards


  • Sound Design

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