2009-10 Season 7

Here’s to the Ladies! The Women of Tin Pan Alley

Co-created by Linda Dowdell and Joanne Schmoll
Directed by Jessica Burgess

February 2009

A walk down memory lane – an homage to many of our country’s gifted songwriters, whose contributions to our Great American Songbook that have been ignored for too long.


Desire Dubose
Carl Randolph
Joanne Schmoll

Production Team

Director  Jessica Burgess
Musical Director  Linda Dowdell
Bass Player  Mary Scott
Stage Manager  Brandy Wyont
Production Manager  Mark Anduss
Lighting Designer  Klyph Sanford


What They Say

“To ensure that every member of the audience was intimately involved in this 75 minute tribute to many unknown lady songwriters, all three performers “worked the room,” and lured everyone into listening and appreciating every brilliant lyric.”

DC Theatre Scene

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