2004-05 Season 3

Headsman’s Holiday

by Kornel Hamvai
Directed by Aaron Posner

May 2005

Morality is on the side of the professional murderer. Knowledge is on the side of the illiterate. And the truth, which everyone is preaching about, is no more than a dream. It’s 1794. Paris is in ruins. The people mill on the streets and jubilantly look on as the heads of the lords, who were in power only yesterday, continue to fall. The first major Hungarian work to be produced in America in almost three decades, Headsman’s Holiday follows Roch, an executioner, as he roams Paris and stumbles into cruelly comic adventures that transform all that he previously thought of the world and its values. Only twelve actors play all 52 roles, bringing to life the crowds, the Parisian bureaucracy, Napoleon and revolutionary France as a whole.


Mme Senac  Sherri Edelen
Lavoisier  Conrad Feininger
Mme Charpenet  Marybeth Fritsky
Roch  Brian Osborne
Patalin  Jesse Terrill
Ensamble  Carlos Bustamante
Ensamble  Time Carlin
Ensamble  Saskia de Vries
Ensamble  Shannon Dunne
Ensamble  Tara Giordano
Ensamble  Jason Lott

Production Team

Director  Aaron Posner
Assistant Director  Colin Hovde
Stage Manager  Laura Smith
Assistant Stage Manager  Jennifer Carlson
Producer  Jeremy Skidmore
Scenic Designer  Tony Cisek
Assistant Scenic Designer  Ryann Lee
Lighting Designer  Dan Covey
Assistant Lighting Designer  Klyph Stanford
Costume Designer  Kate Turner-Walker
Sound Designer  Cash Marsh
Properties Designer  Suzen Mason


What They Say

“Tara Giordano offers a particularly lively series of characterizations from curt to bubbleheaded, and Marybeth Fritzky does understated comic work as an available young widow, a role that parodies romance. The ensemble is always watchable, whether playing minor hotheaded executioners or clerks with panic-stricken expressions that seem to be government-issue.”

The Washington Post

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