2003-04 Season 2

Boy Gets Girl

by Rebecca Gilman
Directed by Kirsten Kelly

May 2004

Theresa Bedell is a successful reporter in New York who loves her work and the life she has made for herself. A relationship with a man would complete the picture and so she agrees to go on a blind date with a friend of a friend. Tony is attractive and funny, but Theresa isn't sure, and after a second date she's convinced they have nothing in common and sees no point in continuing the relationship. Tony, though, thinks otherwise. What at first seems like persistence on his part grows into obsession, and Theresa's annoyance with Tony turns to terror as he begins to threaten her and those around her. Ultimately, Theresa must fight to save herself from being erased by Tony's actions—actions which call into question the assumptions at the very heart of romantic pursuit.


Tony  Carlos Bustamante
Les Kennkat  John Dow
Harriet  Tara Giordano
Howard Siegel  Jim Jorgensen
Theresa Bedell  Lucy Newman-Williams
Madeleine Beck  Adele Robey
Mercer Stevens  Eric Singdahlsen
Madeleine Beck (u/s)  Ellen Young

Production Team

Director  Kirsten Kelly
Stage Manager  Shawn Helm
Producer  Jeremy Skidmore
Technical Directors  Drew Harmon & Carlos Bustamante
Scenic Designer  Milargos Pounce de Leon
Lighting Designer  Joel Moritz
Costume Designer  Kate Turner-Walker
Sound Designer  Kristen Kelly
Master Electrician  Sarah LaRue
Sound Technician  Tom Marchitto
Properties Designer  Jennifer O’Neill
Sound Board Operator  Deirdre Bier
Scenic Painter  Jessica Sherlock
Carpenters  Lesley Milner, Tim Getman & Matt Soule
Dramaturg  Christie Evangelisto


What They Say

“Williams holds the center of the play excellently; she’s extremely good at revealing Theresa’s own blinders, how cut off she is, how afraid she is of communing with a man.”

The Washington Post

2005 Helen Hayes Awards


  • Direction
  • Supporting Actor – John Dow
  • Scenic Design

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