2006-07 Season 5


by Joe Penhall
Directed by Jeremy Skidmore

May 2007

In a London psychiatric hospital, an enigmatic patient claims to be the son of an African dictator—a story that becomes unnervingly plausible. This is an incendiary tale of race, madness and a Darwinian power struggle at the heart of a dying National Health Service.


Bruce  Aubrey Deeker
Christopher  Cedric Mays
Robert  Michael Tolaydo

Production Team

Director  Jeremy Skidmore
Assistant Director  Jenn John
Stage Manager  Jessie Gallogly
Lighting Designer  Andrew Cissna
Costume Designer  Erin Nugent
Sound Designer  Mark Anduss
Master Electrician  Nick John
Properties Designer  Suzanne Maloney
Dialect Coach  Jennifer Mendenhall
Dramaturg  Jaqueline Lawton


What They Say

“As such clash-of-wills dramas tend to be, this one is a fairly juicy cut for pliable actors. Jeremy Skidmore’s production at Theater Alliance is most effectively a showcase for the skills of Tolaydo, who successfully wraps manipulative, bullying Robert in the placid lab coat of a passive-aggressive bureaucrat.”

The Washington Post

“Director Jeremy Skidmore has also collaborated in fine performances by Deeker and Tolaydo, who in this play show unerring instincts for good dramatic choices. Deeker did some difficult transitions gracefully, and Tolaydo sufficiently stuffed his fierce and ruthless character – a medical Idi Amin, perhaps – with charm and good humor, thus adding to his dangerousness.”

DC Theatre Scene

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