2011-12 Season 9

Black Nativity 2011

by Langston Hughes
Directed by Stephawn Stephens
Music Directed by Michael Terry

Dec 3, 2011 - Jan 2, 2012

Langston Hughes’ retelling of the Christmas story from an Afro-centric perspective, infused with rich gospel, blues, funk, jazz music and dance with griot style story telling from an ensemble cast.


LaSharon “Buttercup” Johnson
Elton L. Pittman Jr.
Tony Thomas
Keira L. Turner
Melissa Victor
Wendell B.
Chris DeLoatch
Ayanna Hardy
Jacqueline O’Day Ellison
Sherice Payne
Krislynn Perry
Robert E. Person
Rafealito Ross

Production Team

Director  Stephawn Stephens
Musical Director  Michael Terry
Choreographer  Tony Thomas
Scenic Designer  Klyph Stanford
Lighting Designer  Dan Covey
Costume Designer  Levonne Lindsay
Properties Designer  Adele Robey


What They Say

“If director Stephawn Stephens’ goal was to make me feel like I was in a church back home in Georgia while watching his version of Black Nativity, he accomplished it and so much more.”

MD Theatre Guide

“Written towards the end of his career, legendary poet and social activist Langston Hughes has woven a vibrant retelling of the Christmas story from an Afro-American perspective with gospel music, griot-style storytelling, and dance.”


“In “Praying Spirit,” bright suits of scarlet, teal, and royal purple paint an arresting backdrop for the number’s rich three part harmonies. In the emotional finale, “Jesus Christ is the Way,” standout performer Rafealito Ross showcases his sparkling tenor.”

DC Theatre Scene

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2011-12 Season 9


2011-12 Season 9