2007-08 Season 6

Ambition Facing West

by Anthony Clarvoe
Directed by Jeremy Skidmore

October 2007

The story of three generations of Croatians and their determination to better themselves by facing constantly west. This gives the play a nicely circular construction both in space and time.


Young Stipan/ Jim  Joe Isenberg
Miss Adamic/ Young Alma  Maggie Glauber
Ivo/ Stipan  Brian Hemmingsen
Joey  Brandon McCoy
Marija/ Alma  Amy McWilliams
Mrs. Adamic/ Josephina  Jennifer Mendenhall
Father Luka/ Eugene  Eric Messner

Production Team

Director  Jeremy Skidmore
Assistant Director  Jessie Gallogy
Stage Manager  Kristy Matero
Producer  Paul-Douglas Michnewicz
Production Manager  Nick John
Scenic Designer  Tony Cisek
Lighting Designer  Nick John
Costume Designer  Erin Nugent
Sound Designer  Ryan Rumery
Scenic Painter  Luciana Stecconi
Carpenters  Carleen Troy & Jon Boags
Dramaturg  Jaqueline Lawton


What They Say

“This is a formidable group of actors, and Skidmore gets their best from them. I don’t think I’ve seen Hemmingsen do a better job with a character. His Stipan is warm yet powerful, sweet and open yet clearly capable of defending himself and his family in hard times – an ideal father figure, on stage as in life.”

DC Theatre Scene

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