2007-08 Season 6

A Nite at the Dew Drop Inn

Conceived and Directed by James Foster Jr.

February 2008

Recreating the “hole in the wall, through the woods on a gravel road, moonshine still in the back” juke joint experience, A Nite at the Dew Drop Inn, conceived and directed by James Foster, Jr., offers low-down blues, hot piano, lively vocals, and a tribute to the “Queen of the Blues,” Miss Dinah Washington.


Andy Torres
Stephawn Stephens
Nell Carter
Yvette Mason
Kimberly Spencer-McLeod

Pianist  Ralph Alan Herndon

Production Team


What They Say

“Providing a respite from the blues inflections, Torres and Stephens breathe life into a classic gag routine by Miller and Lyles, a once-eminent vaudeville team.”

The Washington Post

“As for the women, the Clark sisters showed us, Nell Carter, and Two Tons of Fun’s “It’s raining men, hallelujah” that big girls just wanna have fun, too. So, Yvette Mason and Kimberly Spencer-McLeod belt out, bump and grind with the best of them.”

DC Theatre Scene

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