2006-07 Season 5

3/4 of a Mass for St. Vivian

by Phoebe Rusch
Directed By Paul-Douglas Michnewicz

August 2006

This true story of two wildly different and tenacious young women fighting to answer the most infinite of life’s questions: How do you explain why we love? Why we die? Why we need to believe? Set against the backdrop of the tumultuous early 1970’s, their philosophies unite and collide as they develop a lifelong friendship.


Vivian  Nora Woolley
Emily  Marybeth Frizky

Production Team

Director  Paul-Douglas Michnewicz
Stage Manager  Lindsay Miller
Producer  Jeremy Skidmore
Technical Directors  Carleen Troy & Jon Boags
Scenic Designer  Dan Conway
Lighting Designer  Dan Covey
Costume Designer  Kathleen Geldard
Sound Designer  Mark Anduss
Master Electrician  Nick John
Sound Board Operator  Michael Willis
Scenic Painter  Meghan Toohey
Dramaturg  James Magruder


What They Say

“The authenticity of the two main characters cannot be merely attributed to the fact that Rush shares their stage of life; the playwright has a brilliant touch in re-creating the meandering thought process that goes along with this phase of intellectual development, and captures the emotions that ensue from the intense, unclassifiable bond that the two main characters share.”

DC List

“Paul-Douglas Michnewicz’s direction is refreshing and without fault throughout the eighty minute production. Ms. Fritzky and Ms. Woolley are delightful, entirely enveloped in their roles, they leave us with that nice feeling inside that comes from seeing a play that just feels right.”

DC Theatre Scene

2007 Helen Hayes Awards


  • New Play or Musical

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