Multimedia Design in Blood at the Root

We have a talented and diverse group of designers working with us on BLOOD AT THE ROOT. Learn more about the Projections Designer.

What is your role in this production? 

My name is Kelly Colburn and I am the Projections and Multimedia Designer.

What inspired your design for BLOOD AT THE ROOT? 

The anchor of the piece for me is in the strength of symbols — how a noose can be trivial for some and triggering for others. How do these symbols burn themselves into our visual cortex thereby provoking emotional responses? How do these symbols affect our perspective on the past and present? How do we imbue symbols with power? What happens when we strip these symbols of their power? How do these symbols, when imbued with enough power, become part of our identity and how we interact with the world? What happens when symbols become our prime means of communication? Through the projections and multimedia, my hope is to 1) play with how we communicate with one another via symbols (technology, emoji’s) and how efficient or inefficient it may be, 2) how reducing the characters on stage to symbols can strip or heighten their sense of identity, and 3) contextualize this time in history with that which came before us.

If you’ve worked with Theater Alliance in the past, what brought you back?

Back for a second time! I love working with the talented and thoughtful artists who pass through the playhouse. The process is always rewarding! We engage in deep and meaningful conversations about the themes of the play, interrogate the importance of the piece performed for an audience today, and it also helps that everyone I’ve worked with here is kind and love what they do.

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