Raymond’s First Week

By Natalie Graves Tucker

Raymond O. Caldwell officially started as our new Producing Artistic Director on January 2, 2019. Technically, he got a jump start on the job immediately after the Christmas Day burglary. While on a relaxing vacation in Germany with family, he got the news that the theatre’s office equipment had been stolen, checks and money gone, and the office left in shambles. Baptism by fire, eh? But Raymond was excited to roll up his sleeves and get to work!

Raymond’s first few days have been filled with a lot of meetings. He averages about six meetings a day. He leaves his home at 7am, gets to work, engages with emails, phone calls, sometimes he eats, more meetings, more emails, and then gets home around 11pm. He’s getting things done though, and with a smile at every turn.

He’s in preparation to direct his first show of the season, Blood at the Root, that starts rehearsal in a few weeks. He will additionally teach four classes at Howard University and direct Les Deux Nois at Mosaic Theater Company (which starts rehearsal after Blood at the Root opens).  But he’s most excited that he and his partner recently became residents of Anacostia in an effort to “live within the community he serves.”

Raymond is busy yet his energy is infectious. He is very organized, thoughtful, and detail-oriented. He leads staff meetings with purpose, clarity…and desserts.  One can’t help but want to work with him. He has a great vision for the theatre and we are excited for the ride.

So if you see him in the street on his way to a meeting or class, be sure to give him a high five or a hug.