Theater Alliance presents ‘Broke-ology’, the inaugural production at the Anacostia Playhouse this August 14th – September 8th!

As we prepare for load-in this weekend, we are able to get some answers from set designer Harlan Penn about his inspiration behind the genius…


Q: What inspiration did you draw upon to create the set design for ‘Broke-ology’?

Much of my inspiration came from researching actual homes in Kansas City in conjunction with the director’s vision of the play.  

Q: What about this piece (or a piece in general) connects a designer to it? Was there a reason you knew you wanted to get involved with this show?

In my opinion, the high sense of emotion coupled with realism draws a designer to this piece.  The main reason I wanted to get involved with this production was because it provided the opportunity for me to work with a great artistic team in which we are all young theater artist chasing our dreams.

Q: What’s the biggest surprise you’ve experienced in the design process so far?

My biggest surprise (which is a great one!) so far is the detail in vision provided by the director since she is from Kansas City.  Her being from KC brought a whole new perspective in which I viewed KC.

Q: Why should DC audiences see ‘Broke-ology’?

DC audiences should see Broke-ology because its a great story about the human experience in America.

until next time…

The Theater Alliance Team