Why We Love Reals

Why the Theater Alliance family loves Reals, and why you will, too!

“I love Reals for the last 15 pages of the script.  I thought I knew where it was going, but I was wrong and then…wrong again.  Talk about a blindside!”
Steven T. Royal, Jr.
Reals Scenic Designer & Theater Alliance Production Manager

“I love Reals because of the well-rounded, kick-ass female characters.”
Melissa Englander
Theater Alliance Artistic Assistant

Melissa Englander

“I love Reals because it is a funny and touching story about the illusion of self-reinvention and how far people will go to escape their past.”
Andres C. Talero
Reals Actor

“I love Reals because it’s a chance to both live out and investigate my childhood superhero fantasties at the same time.”
Gwydion Suilebhan
Reals Playwright

“I love Reals because it questions how ordinary people can make their city a better place.”
Lee Daugherty
Theater Alliance Managing Director

Lee Daugherty

“I love Reals because our Production Manager knows even Artistic Director superheroes need help sometimes.”
Stephanie P. Freed
Reals Lighting Designer

Scenic Designer Steven T. Royal Jr. assists Artistic Director Colin Hovde suit up his superhero identity.